Hire Rebecca Frey: New York Costume Designer

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Costume Design & Wardrobe Styling
Rebecca is available for work as a costume designer, assistant designer, stylist, wardrobe day player, theatrical day worker, or shopper for theatre, television, commercials, print work, and live events. She is a member of
United Scenic Artists - Local #829 and Theatrical Wardrobe Union - Local #764.

Note: Rebecca does not construct clothing or Halloween costumes for individuals. For sewing projects, a theatrical costume shop, Etsy seamstress, crafty friend or family member, or a local tailor are suggested instead.

Rendering & Illustration
Rebecca is proficient in rendering and art techniques including watercolor, gouache, acrylic, mixed media, colored pencil, marker, pencil, and ink. Please view examples of costume rendering or examples of traditional illustration.

Rebecca's illustration work can be purchased via
Etsy or Zazzle. She is also available for custom illustration work.

Please use this form to contact Rebecca, or email her directly at rebeccadfrey (at) gmail (dot) com.

Media inquiries welcome. Rebecca is available to comment on a variety of topics including costumes, fashion, shopping, and style. Her advice has been featured on CBS New York, Today Show Holiday Gift Guide, and in the pages of Glamour.